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This is actually a really funny article to write.  Why?  Becuase there is only one way not to be fat, exercise.   If I cut out certain parts of my diet, I wont be able to complete that requirement. 

Actually, it doesnt matter how much you eat, or what you eat, so long as your exercise spends more energy than you intake.  However, simply cutting things out of your diet can have negative affects.  Take sugar for example.  Glucose is important in the production of the ATP molecule, which is the energy your body uses to function.  ATP is produced in bulk through the kreb cycle, but without glucose it cannot be produced.  Your cells mitochondria take a single glucose molecule and through a rather complex cycle produces 32 ATP molecules.

So, if I dont have glucose, I dont have energy, and if I dont have energy, I cant exercise.  Further, fat is more efectivly worked off by exercise than by dieting.  Fatty molecules, or lipids, are much more complex than simple sugars such as glucose.  Therefore, it takes more activation energy to break the molecules down to produce energy. 

Cutting out fat can be bad too.  Your organs need fat to cushion them, and lipids are part of our cells membrame.  You want to have more HDL’s (high density lipoproteins) and less LDL’s (low density lipoproteins).  LDL’s are the fats the build up in your arterties sometimes leading to heart attacks, strokes and the like.  If you want it to sound more scientific I can say, High levels of low density lipoproteins can lead to an increase in a subjects chance of experienceing myocardial infarction.

Next on my list of ways not to kill yourself, bulemia.  Simply put, throwing up is very bad.  Why is it bad?  Imagine your stomach and your throat, we’ve all seen commercials showcasing them.  Your stomach is a bag of acid, and acid is bad.  So if that acid comes up your throat, the H+ molecules in the acid will corode your throat.  Some symptoms are heartburn, bad teath, death, and bad breath. notice that you can live with three out four of those, but death is hard to live with.  That acid can burn through your throat, leaving you susceptiable to infection or poisoning.

Anorexia, you have to eat people!  Dont think you wont die, ’cause you so will!  And if you dont die you will be ugly as crap, and your brain will be starved, and you will be weak.  So why even bother?  You are better fat than anorexic!

Tapeworm.  Do i need to elaborate?  I will even if I dont have to.  Let me put it this way, tapeworms can end up in odd places.  First, they can have thousands of offspring and grow to over ten feet in length.  Also, the eggs of those offspring are very, very small.  Those eggs can get into the blood stream and end up, wherever.  Yes, that includes the brain.

Look its simple to lose wait, give up on “diets”  eat well and hearty!  And stop looking at internet blogs, get off your ass and go for a jog!

if you want some more information, check out: http://asiancutie93.wordpress.com/category/science-medicine/


{October 25, 2009}   OMG! Infection in our schools!

In every school across the united states, in every room, you will find hand sanitizer bottles.  Teachers provide them in their classroom, and some students even carry bottles around with them!  This is a reaction to the H1N1 outbreak, but does it actually work?

Many websites say, no, a hand sanitizer will not kill a virus like H1N1.  However, the Mayo Clinic website says that it can help slow the progression of a virus, but it is no more effective than regular soap, and may actually aid in the creation of superbugs.   

How do antibacterial soaps create superbugs?  Its the simple process of evolution!  The sanitizer kills by using chemicals

For those who have not heard the term yet, a superbug is a bacteria that is no longer effected by the majority of drugs, making it a nightmare for hospitals to treat and contain.

People tend to buy the same product over and over again.  This, in the case of antibacterial sanitizer, is actually a very bad thing.  Antibacterial’s kill bacteria with chemicals that interact with the cells in such a way as to damage the cell.  Depending on the active ingredient, this can happen in many different ways.

However, bacteria have been evolving against natures antibacterial since the dawn of life itself.  Give a bacteria enough time and it will evolve a solution to your antibacterial.

But isnt evolution a slow process?  In a word, sometimes.  You see, evolution is measured in generations, not in actual time.  And a single E. Coli bacteria can have a generation in 40 mins.  In other words, if i have 1 E. Coli, in two hours i will have 8 E. Coli, and three generations would pass.  Human generations are about every 60 years, and in that time, 31449600 generations of E. Coli will pass.  So E. Coli evolve much faster than we do.

So, it is actually possible for bacteria to evolve between the time you clean your counter.  And if your antibacterial becomes ineffective against one bacteria species, you will aid it by killing off all its competion with that same soap.  Eventually, washing your hands will become pointless.  Unless you rotate your sanitizer, not all sanitizer kill the same way you see.

Some general cleanliness rules are these:

1) rotate your sanitizer, having three different sanitizer is a good idea

2) make sure your sanitizer have different active ingredients, you can check this at the back of the case

Following these you will protect your house, but how can we protect our schools?  Remember, any one sanitizer will be ineffective after a while.  The honest answer is, we dont need to so much.  We should wash our hands in the bathroom yes, and a little hand sanitizer isnt bad.  But gobs of it, and all the time?  There is no more risk of infection now, than there was 10 years ago, yesterday, or will be in 40 years.  H1N1 will either only be delayed, or it wont even be affected at all, by antibacterial, and our immune systems have handled bacteria from the time we evolved.

H1N1 has so far killed less people than bee stings, not only that, but we have treatments for it and a vaccine.  So that scare is overblown.  Hand sanitizer might actually be creating the next superbug, so that is sort of a bad thing. 

In other words, our schools are fine.  Anytime people want to stop overreacting is good.

{August 17, 2009}   Healthcare Reform

Do we really need Healthcare Reform?  The united states has the highest quality of care in the world, and i cant imagine why any price is to high against the cost of your life.

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