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Well, while I highly doubt anyone will read this, here goes nothing.   First, I am paranoid about internet security, I wont tell you my name, my age, or even my state.  What I will tell you is that I am a Social Darwinst but not in that creepy eugenic way, I love all of the sciences and know a good deal about them, I enjoy Chuck Norris jokes, and I love to read and write.


vive42 says:

Well you were wrong, I not only read I am now commenting. A social Darwinist, huh? Creepy. Isn’t that like eugenics and hating poor people and/or minorities?

My theory is it’s better to be upfront with your name, etc, I think. That way you’ve got no dark secrets to have dug up. Also, who’s gonna care enough about me to give a damn? To each their own though.

vladerag says:

I probably should have specified that i only meant social darwinist in the buisiness sense of the word. Socially, i am probably centrist. However, i think that we should not spend money on social programs, becuase we dont have any money to spend.

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