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{January 11, 2010}   Review: Alex Rider Series

The Alex Rider series, written by Anthony Horrowitz, features a young boy, who starts the series at maybe thirteen years of age who has been trained as a spy by his uncle.  When his uncle is killed, Alex soons finds out that his former workouts were to prepare him to be a spy as MI6 snaps him up as a secret weapon in the deadly game of intelligance.

Over a good many books and missions Alex Rider fights and outsmarts just about every type of cliche villain (that we always seem to love to hate) with ingenious little gadgets, intelligance, and a whole lot of luck.  In short Alex is James, but without the women, puns, and number.

Of course, being drafted into this Alex is a lot of the time an unwilling particapant who is coerced into service time and time again for various reasons.

All in all, a good series for young readers


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