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{November 9, 2009}   Resident Evil 5 Strategy

First, this is not precisely a walkthrough.


Bulls:  Big fat special Ganados, when they start punching they keep punching, moving forward in a straight line for a little while.  Get behind them and they are totally defenseless.  You can tell who they are from their size.

Wululu’s:  Myself and Efe, (Efebountyhunter, my companion in crime) named these enemies wululu’s, or wulu’s for short, because thats the sound they make.  It is easy to tell when they are around, because they always make that sound.  They have a large spear and wear helemts that are impenetrable so aim for the midsection and keep your distance.

Comrades:  Efe decided to call these ganados comrades because in Res 4, they have moltolves, and thats russian, hence, Comrades.  Comrades throw grenades, molotolves, and other explosives, so kill them as soon as possible.  You can, if you feel like it, shoot the explosive out of their hand, in fact there is an acheivment for doing so.

Crossbowman: There is nothing, NOTHING! that either Efe or I hate more than Crossbowman.  They are deadly, so kill them quickly, or they will rain death on you until you do so!  You can tell where they are by tracing the arrows back to the source.

Chainsaws:  Respect the chainsaws, one hit one kill, remember that.  However, there not all that fast.  If you get cornered, which you shouldn’t, wait for him to begin to swing, then move torward the arm that does not have the chaisaw, you can completly avoid the attack.  However, if you go to the wrong arm, you’ll get your head cut off.  Its good to shoot them in the head, they will stumble if you do.

Parasites:  This is what we call the ganados that have huge scythes that grow out of their bodies when you blow their heads off.  KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!  These things are deadly, and will kill you, easily and quickly.  If you have flash grenades, these will kill them instantly.

Bugs:  Anything that flies and is ugly as death counts as a bug, and the strategy for all bugs are similar, shoot them.  It’s not difficult, they are pretty weak, but dont let them get ahold of you.

Spears:  If its got a spear not shaped like a hook, they are this.  Really, its not that diffrent than anything else, just keep in mind that they can throw their weapons.

Hooks:  If the spear is shaped like a hook, watch out.  These ones can impale you, and throw you around.  Just dont let them near you.

Sheilds:  There is only one good strategy for Sheilds, pump ’em full of lead.  Machine guns, shotguns, these work very well at blowing past sheilds into flesh.  Pistols dont work so well, and dont try to use the stun rod.  Also, sheilds can rush you and some have spikes so watch out.

Fire Eaters:  These guys are easy to spot and easy to kill, but if they get close they can set you on fire.  They weild two flaming torches and are not to be trifled with, unless you are 500 ft back with a rifle.

Ganado:  A good strategy is to blow their heads off, and watch out for weapon weilding one.


Thats it for enemies so far, now on to the all important topic of Ammo.

Ammo, if you know Res Evil games, is like gold.  Valuable and rare, if you are getting lots of ammo, get nervous, because you are about to have some large fight on your hands.

This section is about ammo’s conservation, about how not to use ammo, and if using ammo is neccesary, what ammo to use and where to aim.

First and foremost is your knife.  Dont be scared, it knocks them back just as well as bullets, and it doesnt have an ammo meter.  Your knife is for the average ganado, creatures to weak to waste a shot on, unless in large number.  However, never try to knife wulu’s, fire eaters, or bulls, you will die and you deserve to die.

Next is melee.  It does hurt your opponents, and is useful against large numbers.  Simply knife or shoot a ganado so that they stumble and approach them, you will be prompted to preform a melee technique and let fly.  Also, if your enemy is on the ground, or you are behind them, melee is an instant kill and it is so much cheaper and more satisfying than bullets.

Another thing about ammo, with two players, specilization is good.  If one person has a shotgun, he or she gets the shotgun ammo, if one has a rifle, they get rifle ammo.  If you specilize, you will likely always have ammo for your specialized weapons.

Health is good, yes?  Be stingy as crap with your health!  You dont need to use it for minor scratches, so dont.  Also, remember to combine your red and green herbs.  And remember to save those combos for actual emergencies!

Exploration is good by the way.  Efe and I specilize in this way also, he kills, I find.  In Resident Evil, you need to explore.  To find ammo, money, and the occasional snake, and of course weed (green herbs).

Also, remember to upgrade your weapons.  Your challanges will get progresivly tougher, so you should too!  Also, a good trick to remember is that when you upgrade capacity, it refills ammo.  Use this it  your advantage if your out.

Thats basically all there is to it.  If you need help with something else, comment and I will make an effort to get back to you.


{October 14, 2009}   AdventureQuest review

Adventurequest is an amazing timewasting game!  It has good graphics, and tons of convultuted plots, guranteed to make you scratch your head.  In Adventurequest, you are a character, and the rest is up to you.  Whether to be evil or not, uniting or chaotic, its all your choice!  You can learn many magic spells, and obtain thousands of armors, weapons, and shields to use on your soon to be dead foes.  Want to be a vampire? You can be! How about a werewolf? that too! What about both? Heck YEA!  You can be a necromancer, wizard, knight, paladin, mage, ninja, pirate, or anything else!

Want a pet? want a pet that can protect you? how about one that breaths fire?  You can have that! 

Want to die, come back, die again, come back, die again, stay in death and collect some hourglasses, then come back? YOU CAN DO THAT!

See a common theme here? 

If you want to try it out for yourselves, click here: http://www.battleon.com/aq-signup.asp?friend=31221675

{October 14, 2009}   Mechquest review

Mechquest is an online game where you play a mecha pilot in a world at war.  As a mech pilot, you have your choice of many diffrent mecha’s, large robotic warriors, to fight with.  And you can arm these mechs with hundreds of diffrent weapons, to fight hundreds of diffrent enemy mechs.  You can join three diffrent house groups; Wolfblade the warriors, Runehawk the studiers, and Mystraven the unique people.  Each one has their own unique mechs and styles. 

When you first create a character you get to choose how you want that character to look, and you can even give them diffrent costumes later in the game. 

Additionally, you can upgrade your account to a Star Captain, giving you access to more areas, mechs, styles, and your own space ship!

Mechquest sprouted off of Adventurequest, and is actually the past of Adventurequest, so it is just as well made as AQ is.

If you are intereseted in trying MechQuest out, click here: http://www.mechquest.com/mq-landing.asp?referral=5889756

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