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{October 19, 2009}   Why Parental Controls Dont Work

First, let me tell you that I actually know what I’m talking about, I am dodging my dear old mum’s parental controls all the time.  How?  Google and Proxies. 

A proxy is a site that acts somewhat like a second browser, you access other sites through the proxy.  Because of this, parental controls dont regonize blocked sites and I, and anyone else out there, is able to view them.

So what does a parent do about this?  First, know your controls, if there is an option for blocking proxies, make sure it is active.  If you can, block any website with the name “proxy” in its adress. 

Second, if there is an activity report available, use it.  You are the best control of all, the activity report will show you the sites they are visiting.  If its a proxy site, add it to your block list.

Additionally, NEVER LET YOUR KIDS ON AN ADMINSTRATOR ACCOUNT!  I know, because i have done it.  Ten minutes is nine too long, a skilled computer user, which your kids undoubtly are, can change these setting in a heartbeat.

Thats all you need to know about blocking proxies, remember, none of your blocks matter if they use a proxy!

(personally i find that tntproxy.com works pretty well =D )


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