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{November 9, 2009}   Resident Evil 5 Review

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Resident Evil 5 can be summed up in one word. Eh.

As games go it is pretty good, but compared to Resident Evil 4?  Resident Evil 4 was awesomely terrifying, extremly exciting, nearly impossibly challanging, and definitly engaging.  Resident Evil 5 is none of these things.  Me and my friend (efebountyhunter, or efe for short), have played it to the end, and have not been afraid, excited, chalanged, or engaged. 

There is little suspense, none at all compared to Resident Evil 4.  Who can forget the terror of the Regenerator?  The burning man?  That huge-ass crocodile that eats you if you stand on the dock to long?

Resident Evil 4 boasted bosses that could kill you, El Gigante, Salazar, Krauzer, the Chainsaw sisters.  The first boss in Res 5 was killed by me and Efe in around 3 minutes of rather boring combat.  It only managed to get one hit on me, none on Efe, and that was only becuase I decided to sacrafice my health to blow something up right next to it.

The other bosses are similarily non-terrifing or challanging, mostly they are just tiring, or simply annoying.

In summary, Resident Evil 5 is good, but I was expecting excellent or better from the Resident Evil brand, and I was sorely disappointed.

Oh, and they got rid of the merchant.  How could I possibly like the game after they did that?



Resident Evil 5 deserves a little more credit than you give it, but it is true that it is absolutely nothing compared to RE4, which is easily one of the best horror games I’ve ever played. Check out what I said at http://nagekawashii.wordpress.com

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