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{October 26, 2009}   AQworlds review

AQworlds is a MMORPG version of AdventureQuest, the popular browser game.  The developers of AQworlds have a track record of excellent online games, including AdventureQuest, MechQuest, and Dragon Fable, and Aqworlds is no exception.  With relativity good graphics and an interesting plot line, AQworlds will hold your interest for hours.  Currently, there are only a few classes available, but the developers plan to have more.  Some of the classes include, mage, warrior, healer, leprechaun, rustbucket, dragonslayer, paladin, and rogues.  Each with its own special abillity and armor.

As to the armor and weapons, there are tons of choices available to you.  Literally, thousands.  You can customise your armor for color, and class armors can give you special powers.

Of course, every gamer knows that it is all about the weapon, and you want to be envied right?  Well you can be!  There are tons of shops, quests, and opportunities to get a truly rare weapon.

And when I say tons of quests, I mean tons of quests.  You cant walk down the street without encountering quests.  Of course, you have a choice.  Including the choice between good and evil.  Want to be part of an evil undead empire?  You can be!  (I am!  Long Un-Live the Shadowscythe!)

Anyway, it is another great game made by the BattleOn team, sure to have you wasting hours of your time.


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