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{October 24, 2009}   Is Glenn Beck Crazy?

The answer: I sincerly hope so.

Glenn Beck is an opinion commentator on Fox News, and if you watch his show, you will probably think that he is crazy.  His behavior on his show is unlike anything ever seen before on a show, he even has meals on stage.

However, his behavior is the least of the controversy.  If you believe him, you would think that the Obama administration is out to get us all.  On a chalk board on his set, he draws connections between the various government officials and this person or that person, showing what he sees as corruption. 

Despite popular belief, Glenn Beck is not a republican.  He is actually a libertarian, dictionary.com defines libertarian as a noun, meaning, a person who advocates liberty, or, a person who maintains the doctrine of free will.  This is similar to a conservative mindset, but Beck should not be confused as such.

Glenn Beck accuses the administration of, “Chicago style politics,” trying to bring socialism to America, and trying to effectively abolish the rights our constitution gives us.

Now, I am neither confirming or denying anything that he says, merely commenting on his sanity. 

On that note, I must say that I sincerely hope that he is crazy, because if he’s not, we are all in deep trouble.


davisoftheapes1 says:

I like Glen Beck. I agree with a lot of his opinions and like his show. If the liberals and secular humanists were half as proficient as he is of articulating their position, they would be 1000 times better than they are now. Since their ideology is bullshit, it’s bullshit that is spewed from Olberman, Mahar and Chris Matthews. I could take Rachel Maddow if she’d let her hair grow out some. Which items of Beck’s litany of Socialism being rammed down our throats, confiscatory taxing and the fall of modern America because the inmates have control of the asylum do you specifically refute? Jeaanene Garafolo is much funnier as a political activist than she is as a comedienne.

Look, I am not an Obama supporter, but I don’t think the man is “out to get us”. I mean, I am a republican, but I certainly don’t believe he’s the “antichrist” (as History channel once thought about Obama), nor do I believe that he’s donig anything illegal as of yet. The job of president is going to make anyone look like a douchebag, and you know what? It doesn’t really matter anyways because human society goes through cycles in which government party is more popular. In 20-30 years, it’ll be a republican style government again. So sit back and enjoy the ride people. Gosh, less people would wory if they have read the works of Anythony Burgess and how right he is.

Particularly his work for the book, “The Wanting Seed”

davisoftheapes1 says:

I think Al Franken is crazy.

Video shows how Beck got his start in TV.

sharethisurlaboutglenbek says:

You may enjoy my blog, The Glenn Beck Review. I will be addressing this exact subject later on.

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