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{October 17, 2009}   Review: The Legend of Drizzt

R.A. Salvatore’s, The Legend of Drizzt series is easily the best fantasy series there is.  With lovable characters such as the surly dwarf, Bruenor, the powerful, if naive, barbarian Wulfgar, the loveable archer Cattie-Bri, and of course the noble hero, Drizzt. 

Drizzt is born a dark elf, or drow, in the lightless caverns of the underdark, a system of tunnels underneath the surface world.  There, he is raised in Drow society, a society that has a heart darker than their tunnel home.  Drizzt, of course, as the nobel hero, is horrified by the darkness, and through many a twist and turn, ends up on the surface.

What he could not know is what he would face when he got there.  Drow have a reputation for evil you see, and not just any evil.  They are so evil that even demons, who are the emobiement of evil acknowldge Drow elves as their supperiors.  They rarely see the person past the heritage when they look at Drizzt, and so he is driven across the realms into the most remote wildernesses, the place where the rogue’s rogues go, outcasts even by an outcasts standards.  There Drizzt met Cattie-Bri, adpoted daughter of the dwarf king, Bruenor Battlehammer, and from there began a friendship that would outlast many a hardship.

Many of the Legend of Drizzt books have made it on to the New York Times bestseller’s list, and just recently the 20th anniversary of Drizzt was celebrated.  The story starts with the book Homeland, and the most recent one out in stores is The Ghost King.

Be sure to enjoy them!


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