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{October 14, 2009}   Mechquest review

Mechquest is an online game where you play a mecha pilot in a world at war.  As a mech pilot, you have your choice of many diffrent mecha’s, large robotic warriors, to fight with.  And you can arm these mechs with hundreds of diffrent weapons, to fight hundreds of diffrent enemy mechs.  You can join three diffrent house groups; Wolfblade the warriors, Runehawk the studiers, and Mystraven the unique people.  Each one has their own unique mechs and styles. 

When you first create a character you get to choose how you want that character to look, and you can even give them diffrent costumes later in the game. 

Additionally, you can upgrade your account to a Star Captain, giving you access to more areas, mechs, styles, and your own space ship!

Mechquest sprouted off of Adventurequest, and is actually the past of Adventurequest, so it is just as well made as AQ is.

If you are intereseted in trying MechQuest out, click here: http://www.mechquest.com/mq-landing.asp?referral=5889756


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