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{October 14, 2009}   Evony review

Evony is an massive online game where you develop many cities in the attempt to gain points, or prestige.  You can build armies and conquer other cities, research technologies to help your own development, and join alliances that, officially, can hold up to 100 people.  Unofically, alliances sometimes spawn sister alliances, and can have thousands of people! 

This game is quite fun, and you dont have to devote 100% of your time too it!  Your cities are self sufficent and will keep on working right through your sleep.

if you want to join evony, just click this link: vladerag.evony.com


Steve says:

I have tried a few other strategy games like this one but in my opinion i think Evony is probably the best i have found so far..others it takes so long to get resouces and i find it boring but this game is great.

I am Lord Stevi on server 77

Ali says:

I LOVE evony, and if I wasn’t so involved in TW right now, I’d be playing it wherever I could get in-game (lost internet at home). There are some distinct advantages to playing evony over tribalwars, just as there are some advantages of TW over evony. However, I like the fact that it’s much easier to relocate aside from nobling or getting rimmed than TW. Not to mention the daily freebies on the wheel, and that you get awards for almost everything you do on it.

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